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"Health is a positive vitality and not merely the
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Premium Bioidentical hormones, Weight Loss products, Wellness supplements and Antiaging Medicines in Mumbai India

Fight Menopause, Andropause, Hormone imbalance and Support antiaging, stress-reduction, weight loss, and wellness in your body with our Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Life Style Management!
AVI Pharmacy Mumbai India offers natural transdermal bioidentical hormones, metabolism support, antioxidants, weight loss products, and wellness supplements.


Orlistat, FDA approved for Obesity management.
Gasrtic and Pancreatic lipase inhibitor.
Decreases the dietary fat absorption by almost 30 - 40%.

Orlaxy - 120 mg

Weight Loss management

Melatonin, Circadian Rhythm disorders link JET-LAG, Stress, Mood disorders
CVA, Sleep disorders, Immune disorders, Component of Menopause HRT, Component of Andropause HRT

Avitonin - 3 mg

Sleep aid & Anti-oxidant

Female Infertility, Component of Menopause HRT
Component of Andropause HRT
Component of Somatopause HRT
Mood disorders, SLE

AVI - DHEA - 25 mg

Adrenal support

Insufficient secretion of pituitary hormone (GH) or deficiency in adults & Children.
Turner Syndrome, Chronic Renal Insfficiency
Prader Willi Syndrome

AVI - GH (Somatropin) 4iu

Pituitary support

Estrogen deficiency states.
Primary ovarian failure, Female hypogonadism, Low libido
Menopause HRT, Infertility,
Temporary menstrual irregularities.


Ovarian support

Dietary supplement.
Part of a calorie controlled diet and exercise program.
Clinically shown to stimulate fat loss when used as directed.


Dietary support, Weight loss support

Hypothyroidism, Subclinical hypothyroidism
Myxoedema, Thyroid Hormone Resistance, Dementia secondary to hypothyroidism
Depression secondary to hypothyroidism

AVI T3 - 10mcg

Thyroid support

Extracted from Grapes and Berries.
Strong anti-oxidant and Antiaging properties.
Considered to have cardio-protective and anti-cancer effects.


Antiaging, Anti-oxidant supplement

Progesterone deficiency states.
Women : Primary ovarian failure, PCOD, Menstrual irregularities.
Menopause HRT, Infertility.
Men : Osteoporosis, Prostatic Carcinoma.


Progesterone Cream

Estrogen deficiency states.
Primary ovarian failure, Female hypogonadism, Low libido
Menopause HRT, Infertility,
Temporary menstrual irregularities.


Estriol Cream BP

Testosterone deficiency states.
Male hypogonadism, Low libido, Erectile dysfunction
Menopause HRT, Somatopause HRT,
Testicular failure, Supportive therapy in Obesity.


Natural Testosterone gel

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