Orlaxy - (Orlistat) 120mg.


1. FDA approved for Obesity management.

2. Gasrtic and Pancreatic lipase inhibitor

3. Decreases the dietary fat absorption by almost 30-40%

Indications :

Obesity as an adjunct to diet and life style modification.

Dosage :

120mg before/during/after the fat containing meals.

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Avitonin - (Melatonin) 3mg.

Typography Indications :

1. Circadian Rhythm disorders link JET-LAG

2. Stress

3. Mood disorders

4. CVA

5. Sleep disorders

6. Immune disorders

7. Component of Menopause HRT

8. Component of Andropause HRT

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DHEA 25mg.

Typography Indications :

1. Female Infertility

2. Component of Menopause HRT

3. Component of Andropause HRT

4. Component of Somatopause HRT

5. Generalized arousal disorder in woman

6. Mood disorders

7. SLE

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1. Dietary supplement

2. Part of a calorie controlled diet
and exercise program

3. Clinically shown to stimulate fat loss
when used as directed.

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AVI - GH (Somatropin) 4iu

Typography Indications :

1. Insufficient secretion of GH

2. Adult Growth Hormone deficiency

3. Turner Syndrome

4. Chronic Renal Insfficiency

5. Prader Willi Syndrome

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Biodiol Biotriol

Typography Indications :

1. Estrogen deficiency states.

2. Primary ovarian failure.

3. Female hypogonadism

4. Menopause HRT.

5. Low libido

6. Infertility

7. Temporary menstrual irregularities.

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